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Day Trip to Springbrook &Gold Coast
kelly1211  2017-12-03 20:32:29, view : 0,vote : 0
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Hi guys,
Come and join our day trip for some fun. First of all, let me briefly introduce our trip for your consideration.

Springbrook National Park:
Springbrook is a Plateau that was formed from a massive volcanic eruption about 23 million years ago. It is a nature lover's paradise with waterfalls wonderful walking tracks and ancient rainforest.

Places include in trip:
The Springbrook Circuit:
Ø Best of All Lookout
Ø Goomoolahra Picnic Ground
Ø Canyon Lookout
Ø Twin Falls Circuit (4km return)
Ø Purling Brook Falls and Gwongoreall Picnic Ground
Ø Natural Bridge Glow Warm cave
Ø Surfer Paradise (Optional)

How to get there:
We hire a Mini Van. We will pick up everyone from CBD and Garden City Mt Gravatt, whichever is convenient to you.

What to bring?
You need to bring plenty of water, snacks, lunch and swimming suit. I'll bring some sausages and will cook for you guys. Hiking boots are always recommended as is insect repellent for potential leeches (especially in the summer), etc. Bring your camera, hat and sunscreen. A first aid kit should always be carried just in case.

Surfer Paradise:
Last but not least after leaving the Springbrook National park if we get enough time we will hit Surfer paradise. The place, which is known as energetic, enthusiastic, electric, eclectic! These are just some of the words that sum up the social scene that Surfers Paradise was built on. Surfers has always been an entertainment playground famous for its world-class nightlife venues, international events and pumping atmosphere.

We are welcome anyone who comes from any background, so don’t hesitate to join us. No matter you come along or with your friends, I guarantee you will have a great fun and get some new friends here.

Reservation is required to secure your seat.

Disclaimer: As with all the Meet Up groups 'Hello to Brisbane- H2B' Meet Up Group is not a registered association or an official club. Therefore, the Meet Up group and Organiser cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during the event. It is your own responsibility for yourself at any time. So please evaluate your health level to do such day trip.

Contact: Kelly 0415 636 360 (Text preferred, English or Chinese)
Or Email:
Purchase Tickets:
Or Bank transfer (if you are interested, I will provide my bank details for you)

For more information, please visit our Facebook or Meetup
Or Search in the Google: Hello To Brisbane - H2B

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