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Large own private single room - walk to Westfield Garden City shopping centre
anushka  2017-06-17 11:11:07, 조회 : 0, 추천 : 7
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Type of room: Lockable, fully furnished, large, private, single room. Available longer term. $150pw. Not available for sharing or couples. Also available a large en-suite master bedroom with own bathroom, toilet and balcony for $200pw. Another private single room for $150pw will be available on the 7th August 2017.

House details: Brick house. Clean, comfortable and well maintained. Very large kitchen and living room. Large garden space available. Quiet surroundings with recreational opportunities. Walking distance to the Westfield Garden City shopping centre which is one of the largest shopping centres in Brisbane. Multicultural, female only house. No pets.

Type of occupant: Non-smoking, female, international students (study, work or travel) 18-32.

The area: Upper Mt.Gravatt is a very fast developing area on the South side of Brisbane. Designated a high growth area. A mini City. Refer to Wikipedia. Safe area with police station nearby. Very multicultural. Close to Brisbane City. Approx 15 min bus ride from Garden City. Possible to travel by bicycle if needed even to the City. Approx 45 mins.

Popularity: Popular with local and international students from all universities and in English, business and vocational schools, on working holiday visas and traveling due to convenience for great shopping, recreation, study, work and travel.

Amenities: Many shops, restaurants, gyms, public swimming pools and health centres available within walking distance for reasonable prices. There are also many parks, walking areas and bike-ways for recreation. Walking distance to the central bus station and bus-way (reserved only for buses).

Opportunities: Job opportunities are available in Garden City shopping centre or in the surrounding areas. Easy access to other large shopping centres as well.

Transport: Garden City (Upper Mt. Gravatt) is a transport hub and has a major central bus station next to the Brisbane CBD. Bus zone 2. Very fast buses available at the bus-way. Regular direct buses available to many areas most times of the day. There are other bus stops available as well in and around the area. Approx 15 mins to Brisbane CBD by bus from Garden City. Possible to go to almost most educational institutions, shops, workplaces and entertainment areas within 15 쭯 30 mins. Air Asia buses to Gold Coast airport stop at Garden City. Approx 20 mins to Brisbane airport and 45 mins to Gold Coast by car.

Google maps may not give correct bus travel times. For more accurate and detailed bus information please check the “” website. For travel by car please check Assistance with travel details could be provided on request.

Rent: Includes furniture, water, electricity, unlimited internet, w/machine use. No hidden items. Keys provided.

Kitchen items: All crockery and cutlery available. Most general appliances available (Fridge, stove, rice cooker, kettle, toaster, microwave and so on). Only specific items for special type of cooking may need to be purchased if needed.

Special features:
• Excellent past record. Very happy past tenants. Testimonials available as proof on request.
• Very understanding, caring and flexible landlord. Willing to listen, help and support.
• Individual attention by landlord and quick response.
• Carefully chosen tenants to fit.
• Other assistance/facilities may be provided on request/possibility.
• Receipts provided for all payments.

Advantages over apartment living:
• Contracts are flexible. Not locked into long term contracts if you need to move. No penalties for moving before contract finishes with reasonable notice.
• Conditions when moving out are softer.
• Rent does not include charges for what is not used on a daily basis such as swimming pool, gym etc). Unnecessary costs are eliminated. These can be obtained outside easily for cheap when you need only.
• No extra charges for internet, water or electricity.
• No issues with bond as it is not shared.
• A homely environment.

Please contact Clement on or on +61435614577. Skype available if needed.

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