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South Brisbane Japanese Friends or couple $150 All Bills
jjax  2018-08-10 05:33:57, 조회 : 98, 추천 : 0

$150 each person. New International student house.  Big rooms.  Available NOW 10/08

International Students or workers ok. Asian or other internationals welcome :)
Suit Japanese students or travellers

Big couples room $300 (150 each)  
share with a friend 2 single beds $150 each
Short term or long term ok....longer term is better.

(short term ok if you are in between houses or waiting to travel)

2 weeks bond deposit
Can be negotiable with bond if you need time to pay the bond (bond deposit is returned when you leave. Written receipt)

Looking for friendly relaxed people for a nice friendly share house. Respect others, not loud late at night and keep kitchen clean and tidy. Nice and safe environment for an enjoyable stay in Brisbane.

Fully furnished house, Equipped kitchen

High speed internet included

Nice garden out the back for socialising (great place to practice your English if you want), not a party house but friends for dinner and socialising and BBQ is fine !! outdoor verandah also

Walk to City CBD in 20 mins !!

Southbank 10 mins

QUT over the walking bridge...10 mins

Free shuttle bus to Kelvin Grove QUT 15 m

Southbank TAFE
Southbank train station
Southbank Bus station
Woolworths and shopping precinct
West End central, cafes, restaurants, bars and shops

As mentioned the main rule is to be tidy and clean in the shared areas such as the kitchen, and respectful of others in the house.

it is very close to all amenities....

0449126807     TEXT me

IMPORTANT text to my phone please
please when you text...tell me a little bit about yourself...what you are doing? Where are you from? When you need a room? share with a friend etc.

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No Category Title name Date Hit
61484  ∽South Bank/ Single room available for a female/good condition room/good location/individual key.    esther00 2018/10/14 10
61483  Zone1 휑굶훙ⅹ`Κ`、劤ㅇㄴ寧렯衲 寧훙꼬肱、 ΠⅩ界Oㅞ소ㅞ품!    mo12 2018/10/14 6
61482  METRO21 IN CITY (LOOKING FOR HOUSE MATES)    dbwns5223 2018/10/13 15
61481  QUT Kelvin Grove full furnished master bedrooms    emptysight 2018/10/13 10
61480  Full furnished master bedroom QUT Kelvin Grove    emptysight 2018/10/13 10
61479  Zone 1, Morningside, ΠⅩ界2롸、ⅧηΓΥτⅠ빳澄여`5롸! I마ㄽ寧훙꼬肱、ㅉㅩㅖzㅯ!    mo12 2018/10/13 8
61478  Looking for lovely share mates in Stanthorpe :)    bomx2 2018/10/13 6
61477  Single bedrooms available for rent in Eight Mile Plains    sanhalee 2018/10/12 8
61476  Own big clean room available in Annerley close to city and UQ :)    fireman 2018/10/12 8
61475  Good condition apartment looking for a share mate!    royalplace 2018/10/11 20
61474  bundaberg im looking for share mate    ehdnjs912 2018/10/11 10
61473  White tile floor #quiet #tidy unit looking for 1female family    yapao2 2018/10/11 12
61472  [City] A Single room is available from 31th OCT / River Place / (Excellent Condition)    wanttowin 2018/10/11 19
61471  QUT Kelvin Grove full furnished single bedroom $160 include bills and master bedrooms    emptysight 2018/10/10 16
61470  Full furnished single bedroom $160 and master bedroom QUT Kelvin Grove    emptysight 2018/10/10 17
61469  Looking for 1 couple in master room and 1 girl in second room in springhill house    teeeemo 2018/10/10 23
61468  ⅥΛ`ΠτΣλ벡표램㎘´醒ㄵ후세!(裨묑여`λ`/랗훙/ゥ책婁)($125/week/훙)    akxod111 2018/10/09 24
61467  ⅥΛ`ΠτΣλ벡표램㎘´醒ㄵ후세!(裨묑여`λ`/랗훙/ゥ책婁)($125/week/훙)    akxod111 2018/10/09 20
61466  ⅥΛ`ΠτΣλ벡표램㎘´醒ㄵ후세!(裨묑여`λ`/랗훙/ゥ책婁)($125/week/훙)    akxod111 2018/10/09 19
61465  ⅥΛ`ΠτΣλ벡표램㎘´醒ㄵ후세!(裨묑여`λ`/랗훙/ゥ책婁)($125/week/훙)    akxod111 2018/10/09 20
61464  Zone 1, Morningside, ΠⅩ界2롸、ⅧηΓΥτⅠ빳澄여`5롸! I마ㄽ寧훙꼬肱、ㅉㅩㅖzㅯ!    mo12 2018/10/09 23
61463  Large Private Room (1 Person) 쭯 Meriton Apartments    bourne 2018/10/09 22
61462  Near market square in sunnybank house available now    jamiee 2018/10/09 18
61461  ∽South Bank/ Single room available for a female/good condition room/good location/individual key.    esther00 2018/10/08 29
61460  [City Private Room] Private Room for female (Apartment border of Fortitude Valley, Spring Hill and Brisbane City)    aliceyausy 2018/10/08 26
61459  Clean. Cheap. New place. Best location. Good share mates    roseatejj 2018/10/08 28
61458  Clean and quite apartment second room for one boy    moon579 2018/10/07 22
61457  ***Girls shareroom $110/week*** available soon    reubes 2018/10/07 25
61456  bundaberg share house $100/week    woon 2018/10/07 22
61455  New share house, perfect condition and Nice view in Brisbane City!    royalplace 2018/10/07 29
61454  Zone1 휑굶훙ⅹ`Κ`、ㄽㅼㄴㅚ寧렯衲 寧훙꼬肱、 ΠⅩ界Oㅞ소ㅞ품!    mo12 2018/10/07 29
61453  Single bedrooms available for rent in Eight Mile Plains    sanhalee 2018/10/06 24
61452  One couple. Massive Apartment in Fortitude Valley OWN ROOM    hueston 2018/10/06 24
61451  ∽∽∽∽∽ Looking for a flat mate for a BIG Private room with shared bathroom [Eight Mile Plains] ∽∽∽∽∽    loveiselan 2018/10/06 23
61450  Clean and Comfortable rooms - walk to Westfield Garden City    anushka 2018/10/06 28

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