“Grape packing shed”
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  Based on years of experience and know-how, our farm is certified from the Australian Government.

Hundreds of working holiday visa holders are looking for the farm to get the Second & Third working holiday visa, those things what you’re worried about! If you are willing to believe us and come to our farm, we offer you 120% our farm to get second, third visa. Don’t worry about your pay slips, payment summary, 1263 form, etc.


◑Farm plantation ◐

⊃  Our farm is located in Mildura, Victoria. Which is “Grape packing shed”

   We are offering you a job for “Picking” and “Packing” of GRAPES.

   It’s a visa-extending area, from December to June is the HIGH SEASON of GRAPES.

   It’s a very busy time.


Depart at 7:45 in the morning and start work at 8:30 am.

There is break time for lunch for 30 minutes to an hour.

There is no exactly fixed break time, so you can take a break time on your own initiative.

  ** Unit price is $4 for 1 box (10packs), for the beginner usually it takes less then 2 minutes to pack 1 box, so don’t worry about the work and your wage.

<You can earn at least or more than $100 a day>


For packing grapes, we work by pair or trio without distinction between men and women.

1 person 쭯 Cut the grapes which is too big or no good quality.

1 person 쭯 put grapes in plastic container or plastic bag. Measure the weight of grapes and pack

∵ As you guys might know about that, Mildura is quite warm area. Temperature might go up 40ºC. so we always turn on the air-conditioner at all times. Working environment is the best, you might feel freezing.

∵ If you want to know how the work is going, click the link below and watch it!  ∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨∨



⊂ “PICKING” working hours from 4 am early in the morning to 11 am before noon.

WHY? You might wondering about the picking hours. As I mentioned in above, Mildura, Victoria is warm area. It goes up until 40 ºC or more, so we start fresh cool time and finish before the hell weather comes. I can ensure that it’s a high hourly rate for working hours, so don’t worry about your payment.

** We finish work early, so you can study English, or other job, leisure or do other many thing in the remaining hours of the day. There are spare time so you can relax!

** Unit price is $1.3 ~ $1.8 and normally do 150 boxes a day!

⊂ Picking work is just cut the grapes from the tree and put it in a box, really simple work so any of gender can enjoy and work.

⊂ Picking grape video has a large capacity, so if you contact me then I will send to you.


☞ We transfer your wage once in every week to your private account, and send you pay slips to your email, don’t worry about the document thins about your second visa

☞ This is really Easy job, when you work 1-2 days you are already expert. Many supervisors are teaching you guys with their know-how. So, don’t worry.

☞ If you work over 38 hours a week, we could count 7 days in week.

☞When farm is day-off, we could count second visa days, “visa-extending area”

☞ You can receive everything like 1263 form, super, pay slips, payment summery, a contract of employment.


∬ We are offering you accommodation which is Motel in Mildura, Victoria. There is unlimited WI-FI, and if you visit Australia for the first time, we help you with initial settlement service. Every Monday and Thursday, we pick you up to shopping center for your groceries. And basically, we provide everything like utensils, small chicken equipment, home appliances, and etc.

∬ There are many convivence stores like Coles, Woollies, K-mart, Asian Groceries, Maccas, Hungry Jacky’s, water park, swimming pools, cafes, tennis court, park, sports clubs, etc. You might notice that its quite good place.

∬ we have a double room, a four-bed room, and six-bed rooms. $120 per week, $200 deposit (bond), and 2 weeks’ notice. There is pickup fee $5 from accommodation to farm round way. If you have a car, you can bring people from accommodation to farm and earn pickup fee. Its your choice.

∬ We pick you up from Mildura station or Mildura Airport for free.

⊃Special offer⊃

   * English, Japanese, Chinese Fluent Speaker

   *Australian driver license holder

   * Own car holder

♥ Lastly, we have special offer to Fluent foreign language speakers. And, if you are crazy in workout, football (soccer), you guys are really welcome to our company.!


『If you want to experience about various field, call us

If you want to know about this job more, just call us

I will answer you happily. We also hardly prepare and wait for you guys to help you.

Trust us and Call us.

      * LINE: rlaalsdn101


      * Phone: 0403 467 647

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