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we are looking for the workers many have hourly job
azsxdc234  2018-04-16 17:21:22, view : 63,vote : 0

HI, I'm the manager of working hostel which introduces farm work to working holiday makers.
Currently, we need workers who will work for shed, mango, sweet potato farm
(we've been supplied various jobs from many farms. so you can work whole year if you want!)

<This is farm work, and there are many variables so that work schedule can be delayed or start earlier suddenly. It's hard to tell the starting date exactly. Anyway, we recommend you come here ASAP. It is okay to come here later than others but all position is first come first served basis so that you might need to wait longer than others>

1. Sweet potato farm
Duty: Picking, packing, planting, etc
Schedule: 8~10 hours per day, 4~6 days per week
Payment: $22.86/h
2nd visa will sign off actual working days.

2. Packing shed
Duty: packing crops(cucumber, cherry tomato and so on)
Schedule: 4~6days per week
Payment: 22.86/h + super

3. Cucumber farm
Duty: picking
Schedule: 5~7 days per week, 6~8 hours per day
Payment: 1 backet $3-7

4. Zucchini farm
Duty: picking
Schedule: 5~7 day per week. 6~8 hours per day
Payment: 1 backet $3.1

The people who own car have an advantage for work.
We've connected lots of farms and they've offered us various position. So we update our job list weekly.

-Accommodation(You must stay in our hostel otherwise we can't provide job)
↘Location: Bundaberg, Queensland, 4670), 3~4minutes from Bundaberg CBD
>Can arrive here by train(4.5 hours) or airplane(1 hour) from Brisbane
>We know lots of people are worried about working in Bundaberg. We've always tried to run this hostel fairly and try not to act like existing illegal hostels which do not care about workers and 2nd visa.
♭Type: Backpacker style or share house
>Both of them are registered at the Australian government. Our hotel meets all the standards with local health and safety regulations.
>Backpackers have 3people room(just a few are 4 people room) and share house have double rooms and 3 people room.
>Man and women stay in the different room except that hostel is full.

♩Cost: Rent($170) Bond($170) Notice(2weeks)
        transportation fee- depends on position(some of the position are free, others are charged)

♪Shopping: shopping mall is located within walking distance(7minutes)
Every Tuesday and Thursday will be provided hostel car by management to go biggest shopping mall in Bundaberg

1)Indoor: Small refrigerator, TV, toilet, shower, basin, fan, blanket, pillow, bed cover
2)Kitchen: Cuttery & utensils, microwave, oven, electric range, rice cooker, big refrigerator, freezer
3)others: Media room(playstation, movie), BBQ, Table tennis, pool table,
badminton, small goal post

㉿Around hostel: There are huge botanic garden and riverside. Bottle shop, post office, supermarket and convenience store, cafe, restaurants are located within walking distance.
Fishing, swimming, rum factory tour, bowling.. lots of activities are available!!

After work, you can have fun with friendly workers by drinking or playing with them.
The atmosphere at a hostel is always active and youthful.
Hope on our amazing hostel!

Please text me and I will call  you back.
0412 344 642
Line: azsxdc234

We have staff who can speak english and janpanese language.
Please text us.

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