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we are looking for sweet potato farm workers(to easy)
happening1990  2019-01-11 17:27:16, view : 0,vote : 0

If you want to make good memories and friends in a friendly atmosphere, please read this!

Hi, we are a member of the working group in Bundaberg  “ BEN&SUN ” Team.
We are looking for workers who want to work and enjoy with us.

Before we introduce, let me tell about Bundaberg first.

Before you come to Australia, or to come here, when you want to get a Second Visa, you can find a lot of Farm information.

Lots of people mentioned about BUNDABERG, have to avoid the area in Queensland.

It is true that only eight years ago, many bad Contractors and poor living conditions did not acquire money or a Second Visa, and made many damages.
As a result, the Australian Government actively moved to solve the problem in the last eight years. Finally, current Bundaberg farm being fair and better-conditioned, also Conductors being implemented.

So if you work in Bundaberg, you can get Second Visa acquisition and Payment without any problem, no matter where you go, as well as our team.

Additionally, If you work in our team ‘ BEN&SUN ‘, you will be guaranteed three things.

First, the most important VISA!

As a registered labor supply company with the Australian Government, you will be living for three months and will issue your own normal Second Form.

In particular, we can be linked with another farm for women. Women recommend filling 100 days rather than 88 days for the Second Visa.

(We will be able to obtain the Third Visa starting from July at next year, also we will apply that.)

Second, PAYMENT.

Salaries are paid on average every Thursday, although each farm has a little bit different.

In addition, you will receive the Payslip for the week by email or offline before payment.

Third, about HOUSE.

We will provide a place where you can relax and live filtration after work
The ShareHouse, where our team operates, has a double room based on a regular fire check in the Sharehouse and provides various amenities.

Let me introduce about the OZ farms that we are currently working with.

<Sweet Potato Farm>

∋ Work type: Planting, Weeding, trim, Cutting, Sorting
∋ Working time: 5 days a week (Monday-Friday), 6-8 hours a day

∋ Salary : Planting / Weeding - Hourly $23.66 + pension 9.5%

          Cutting - Piece rate wages: $1.60 per meter of row (depend on type)

          Sorting - Piece rate wages: $0.75 per bundle of 25 (normally can make 55set for 1h)

∋ Conditions: Genderless, who have Healthy and patient!

          *As a farm that produces plants for sweet potato plating, it is relatively easier than other farm work. The reason why lots of women used to work in here.

∋ Conditions : Genderless, who have the strong will & a good commumication ability !

          * Capsicum is a crop that belongs to the chili pepper.
            It does not depend on basket price, so we can available saving money up to our ability.

⊃ The unit price per crop is the minimal unit price, and the unit price increase is changed      
   according to the Market price on the day of each day.

Also, our team is mainly connected with the Strawberry crop which starts in March.  
If you want, anyone can work be associated on the Strawberry farm !

(The Strawberry farm used the same equipment and the system with Sunray farm which is the best Australian Strawberry farm.)

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