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Info about the University

CQUniversity Australia is truly a national university with established locations throughout Australia – a strength unmatched by other universities.

In July 2014 we have merged with Central Queensland TAFE to become Queensland’s first, and one of Australia’s few dual sector universities. This strengthens our capacity to provide a more comprehensive educational experience for students, who will discover seamless pathways from vocational to degree-level study.
We are proud of our five stars rating in the Internationalisation, Online and Access categories (QS Stars 2013) – a true testament to our efforts in embracing students from all horizons and ensuring that a quality education is accessible to many. Our highly competitive fee structure, diverse range of scholarships and extensive support services, are strategically in place to enhance access and promote inclusion so that our students can reach their full potential and build on their education aspiration.

Campus location (s)
CQUniversity has 13 campuses including newly merged regional Queensland campuses in Gladstone, Emerald, Mackay and Rockhampton along with existing campuses in Adelaide, Bundaberg, Brisbane, Gladstone, Mackay, Melbourne, Rockhampton, Noosa and Sydney. Every campus has its own lively character and a range of programs and services to suit student needs.

Campuses are equipped with high-tech multimedia computer labs, wireless Internet and modern teaching facilities. There are many student areas and lounges dedicated to relaxation, providing a great space for students to relax and mingle with friends over lunch or catch-ups between classes.
Extra activities

CQUniversity’s student support network has been designed to provide students with not only academic and career support, but also personal support so students can enjoy their time at university. Some of the activities and services students enjoy include:
• Student Association
• Cultural and sporting activities, both on and off-campus
• Days trips to popular tourist attractions
• Volunteering events and opportunities with the local community
• Student mentor and leadership programs

“The small class sizes enable better student-teacher interaction. The study materials are relevant and based on industry standards so that we are ready for the real world when we graduate.”
Anderson Lie

Master of Information Systems
“My journey at CQUniversity has encouraged me to learn many things and gain many skills. I’ve had the opportunity to become a student mentor where I developed my leadership skills. I am grateful for all the support and facilities that the University provides to students. These have helped me continue my studies with ease and made me a better and stronger person.”
Yamuna Khatri

Bachelor of Accounting
Pathways options
CQUniversity offers different pathway options that can help students meet the minimum English language or academic requirements for entry to our academic programs.

English language pathway
Studying the relevant English language course at one of CQUniversity’s English Language Centres will enable students to gain entry into various academic programs at CQUniversity.

Certificate pathway
Students can complete a CQUniversity certificate to gain entry to the relevant diploma. More information on CQUniversity certificate courses for international students will be available on from September 2014.

Diploma pathway
Students can complete a CQUniversity diploma to gain entry to the relevant undergraduate degree. This pathway also gives students a stand-alone qualification.

Contact details (email, website, phone number, postal address, Facebook, twitter,etc.)
CRICOS Provider Code: 00219C
Phone:+61 8676 7028 (outside Australia) 1800 998 205 (in Australia)

中央昆士兰大学cqu你知道有多坑?学校排名那么差。。。。学校一点都不便宜 基本和gu一样。但是你看看人家gu那设施 cqu能比吗?

而且这学校有多贱你知道吗?现在不是澳洲经济差吗 学校也缺钱 怎么办?故意挂学生呗。。。。你以为cqu排名差混混就过去了 做梦吧 。作业 quiz 考试一点不简单 等他缺钱了就故意压你分 。。同样科目 同样水平的 作业 你拿cqu就是30拿10分 你放gu就是30拿18.。。。 呵呵 老师这是故意坑你呢。讲课那些老师我就不说 了 。。真没几个讲课好的。有几个奇葩会计老师 ,报表都做不溜,所以上课就是在那里逼逼 也基本不讲题。因为她自己都经常算不对。考试给的exam advice 跟考试经常半毛钱关系没有,明摆着故意让你挂 挂了人家才能发的了工资 呵呵。是的我算不上学霸 ,但是也不是学渣。我把所有课后题都做的挺熟悉的了 还是挂。考试难度和平时老师给的题明显难处一大截。你让我们怎么过。你看看今天fail 率有多高。真的 有的选千万别来这里,你有这钱 这个能力 还是去 qut uq什么学校吧。


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